It's about 2 hrs 20 min.

Oh, you mean ...

Okay, so this is the exasperating world of JOSIE, a mouse-shy girl who longs to be a famous singer but freezes with fear at the first note, fails each audition and is set to become poor beyond her wildest dreams!


Oh she knows she can sing, just not how to swallow the terminal fear that completely drowns her if there's actually someone listening.


Maybe at some time it won't be like that, but for now every time she gets a "no-thanks" she just says she's fine, that it doesn't matter, that she always sings them just for herself anyway. Yeah, right!


Then one day her inner self, strong Josie, splits out in to the real world fed up of waiting for HER time in the spotlight! She means well, just wants to help but doesn't always think it through first.


Like when she secretly auditioned as shy Josie and won her the part, though unfortunately that didn't go at all how she had hoped!

And then there's the nice guy who wants to get to know shy Josie better, but won't push it 'til he gets a sense she likes him back maybe a little. So strong Josie secretly stood in for her one time (to *help the magic* she said !) though with not exactly the expected outcome ...


And then there's a secret rich admirer who finally reveals himself in a whirlwind romance-by-proxy (strong Josie again of course!) and who then didn't survive his *shy* bride's surprisingly rampant bedroom appetite and got a Vegas funeral the day after their Vegas wedding.


And more besides, leading to ups and downs and confusion as all  goes along, hopefully heading nevertheless for Josie's career-success and eventually her .. their! .. happy recombining.

Ummm, maybe.


two's a