Oh God WHY do they always hold their auditions in places nobody's ever heard of, and WHY do people keep getting in the way, and WHY is there this much traffic every time I need to cross the street, and WHY is he asking if I know where I'm going?!!!

Is that the place there? And now I'm late because they're too cheap to spring for somewhere Downtown and easy, and you can bet they'll still expect me to sing as sweet and pure as a nightingale while I'm gasping to get my breath back?!

Well, you might want to sit down for this one, it all gets a bit breathless ...


In the meantime take a listen ...

... and the one where Josie nearly manages not to cry

"We'll let you know .."

She's heard that so many times. They pretend they are listening to her but she knows they don't hear her singing her life for them, they don't see that each song is a gift she is giving them.

But that's okay, she says. She sings them just for herself anyway, she says.


Yeah, right.

She doesn't know that he is interested in her, and He doesn't know that she would be happy to answer if he should speak.

So they keep their polite distance, each as utterly hopeless as the other at doing something about it!

Plus of course their silly pretend games ...

I Want To Say ...
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... and there's even a little, like, Jazzzzz man ... dig?

Vintage Mic
Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty
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Take a listen to The Narrator anyway ... he knows everything that's going on and there's a good chunk of Josie's story right in there!


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